Gabbii Jones, a singer and songwriter from St. Louis auditioned for the all new American Idol. The 20-year-old, who received a ‘Golden Ticket to Hollywood’, made the announcement on her Instagram page in early February of 2018. “AMERICAN IDOL,” Jones wrote excitedly in all caps, began her first written announcement and invitation to tune in to watch the iconic television show on its new network, ABC. “See what happens next,” she said via social media.


1.) Reporters and the public needed to be convinced Gabbii Jones, an unknown singer, was the contestant to watch on the all new American Idol. 

2.) Creating interest for Gabbii Jones in two markets: Her hometown, St. Louis and her American Idol audition location, Atlanta, GA. 



THpr created a media strategy built around one major theme, “Root, Root, Root for the home team.” We created a comprehensive public relations plan which included media training to help Gabbii Jones prepare for interviews. For our strategy, we crafted press releases for the top tier media outlets in St. Louis and Atlanta, Georgia. We also called reporters and producers personally to discuss Gabbii Jones and how she might fit into their coverage.

THpr capitalized on the popularity of American Idol to secure media coverage in St. Louis, Missouri and Atlanta, Georgia.  We created a media list and sent a series of press releases and pitches to print, online, TV, and radio in St. Louis and Atlanta. 

Additionally, THpr followed up with an extensive phone campaign to every outlet to explain how rooting for a hometown talent on American Idol was relevant to their audiences. It was a gargantuan and logistically challenging undertaking – calling and emailing media outlets in two markets – but it got results.


THpr secured key media placements for Gabbii Jones while introducing her to audiences in two major U.S. markets. Jones also saw her Instagram followers increase several thousand over the course of three months. Above all, Gabbii Jones’ campaign gave our young firm an opportunity to give back in a creative way. Like so many up-and-coming artists, Gabbii Jones lacked dedicated finances for public relations. Our services allowed the star on the rise to achieve her goals in terms of branding and publicity. Although Jones didn’t win the competition, she left a lasting impression on viewers and the publicity generated from her THpr campaign increased her fan base and generated interest in her music from recording labels. 


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DR. ROSA KINCAID is a St. Louis based author, physician and exercise expert. She has successfully treated thousands of patients with chronic illness through her practice, Kincaid Medical Associates.  Dr. Kincaid joined forces with Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and others at the Gateway Health Fest to debunk some of the most persistent myths about vegan nutrition and provide essential information about healthy living. 

Dr. Kincaid’s campaign was created by THpr as an Ala Cart Service. A limited budget and time constraints created many initial concerns. Dr. Kincaid hired THpr 10 days before the Gateway City Health Fest.  At the very least, we recommend beginning PR efforts 30 days prior to an event’s start date for success. However, our firm’s appreciation for healthy eating and it’s benefits to the community gave us the interest and drive to overcome the challenges. 


Limited Budget and Limited Time



THpr began Dr. Kincaid’s campaign by using social media to encourage our core followers to eat meatless meals. Images of vegan dishes and recipes were added to our social media pages with the hashtag #GatewayHealthFest to generate interest. In addition, press releases and calendar announcements were crafted and forwarded to the top tier media outlets in St. Louis. While time was not on our side, we were able to secure placements with the following outlets; KMOX 1120 AM, WFUN 95.5 FM, WSDZ 95.1 FM.  KLOU 103.3 FM and KEZK 102.5 FM. 



Dr. Rosa Kincaid was recognized by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for delivering more African American participants to it’s event in St. Louis. In addition, our efforts allowed Dr. Kincaid to meet her branding and publicity goals at a fraction of the cost typically charged by larger PR Firms. Dr. Kincaid was not an active participant on social media prior to our efforts. However currently, Dr. Rosa continues to build her social media imprint with the new followers who discovered her with the tag #GatewayHealthFest created by THpr. 


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Jennifer Ann Brodsky, owner of Jennifer Ann Designs, used her love for both children and crafting to create Be Amazing! Be You! — a curriculum used at Hawthorne Leadership School for Girls to educate students on the various elements of entrepreneurship. She reached out to THpr to help spread her good news. 


Jennifer Ann Brodsky wanted to create a campaign to showcase her brand’s commitment to philanthropy and the empowerment of women. The ‘Be Amazing Be You’ campaign, Jennifer Ann Design’s first ever public introduction, was intended only to share news and not to sell products.

CAMPAIGN GOAL:  Build awareness for Jennifer Ann Design’s philanthropic endeavors and community engagement. 


THpr crafted and forwarded press releases to the top tier media outlets in St. Louis. We also called reporters and producers personally to discuss the ‘Be Amazing Be You’ curriculum and how it might fit into their coverage.  Our efforts produced a 3-minute television placement with Fox2 News. 


RESULT: Jennifer Ann Brodsky praised the efforts of THpr and continues to retain our services. 

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In August of 2014, an unarmed 18-year-old named Mike Brown was killed by Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson. His death instantly became viral news and sparked protests worldwide.  STRANGER FRUIT is the story of what happened to Michael Brown as told through the eyes of those closest to him. Michael Brown's family members bravely retell the worst event of their lives to try to help the world understand the facts around that fateful day. Film maker Jason Pollock delivers an in depth look at the facts of Mike Brown's case in an effort unravel the mystery.


There was no real budget for the project and very limited time to promote our efforts. 


1.) To set up a screening of the documentary,’ Stranger Fruit’

2.) To coordinate day of event logistics and management 

3.) To raise awareness for the documentary, ‘Stranger Fruit’. 



THPR provided the client with the following services:

Facility Negotiation and Reservation

Event Promotion

Press Release Distribution 

Social Media Marketing

Eventbrite Management

Day of Event Management – planning, organizing and executing the following:

Step and repeat, seating for the press and invited guests, space for book signings and other sales

- Assemble post screening discussion panel

- Secure technician for the event

- Ensure the facility is properly equipped and functional (Projector, screen, sound system, mics, etc.


THpr secured a venue for the screening, managed the sold-out event. The campaign yielded a major cover story on KSDK News Channel 5 that ran for two days.


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