THpr Experience


Longtime radio and media veteran, Tammie Holland sits at the helm of THpr. She has complete knowledge of what the media looks for in a Public Relations message. 

Tammie's leadership and experience make what happens at THpr stand out as highly effective and productive. By pooling resources and expertise, THpr can keep costs down. Therefore, a PR campaign by THpr will cost much less than what a larger agency or firm will charge for a potentially less comprehensive package plan and smaller reach. 

As a one-stop shop for all your Public Relations needs, THpr relishes in the opportunity to provide you with operational convenience and a strong, healthy public image, aiding in the growth and progress of your brand and message.

THpr Knowledge

THpr is an innovative public relations agency. We’re not interested in following cookie cutter examples. We create recipes for success.  THpr specializes in seamlessly integrating people and brands into the core values and interest of today’s consumers.

Our media experts are geniuses at achieving winning results for clients rooted in the music, literary, visual arts, culinary, spirits and beauty industries. 

Whether developing a publicity campaign, launching an event, breathing new life into an existing product or promoting books, albums or EP’s, THpr will help you receive the results you desire. If you REALLY want to reach people, we’ve got you covered. 

THpr Results


It all starts with the brand. To stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, a brand that is clear and compelling is a must. Our proven outreach methods will garner the attention your brand deserves. Here’s how we can help:

Social Media Marketing 

Local & National Print Coverage

Talk Radio Interviews 

TV Appearances  

Visit the THpr Blog for an example of our placements and client news.